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    Rhino Plywood

    Features and Benefits


    Rhino Ply will keep your kitchen and cabinetry looking great for years to come.

    Strength and Durability

    Rhino Ply will take punishment in high use areas such as childcare facilities, hotels, residential kitchens,
     laundries and vanities. Ideal for wardrobe and garage storage systems.

    Independently Lab Tested

    24 hour water immersion test and a 2 hour boil test, producing outstanding results.

    ·   Rhino Ply is long lasting and durable plywood that is bonded with marine grade glue to give your cabinets
    superior protection against moisture absorption or swelling caused by exposure to water or high humidity.

    ·   The bonded surface of Rhino Ply is made from sheets of high pressure laminate, which is hard wearing, water 
    resistant, stain resistant and easy to clean. Cabinetry such as kitchen and vanity carcasses made from Rhino Ply, are incredibly durable, rigid and strong.

    ·   Laminated plywood is specified by many government departments because of its longevity and value
     for money.

    ·   Endorsed by architects and insurance companies for commercial and residential projects and refits.